Bid Q&A – 05/19/2021

Q. Will you be altering or adding to the Bid Form to reflect the added unit prices for: Bank Run Gravel – (a.k.a. Select Fill) Per Cubic Yard in Place. Imported Top Soil – Per Cubic Yard in Place. A. We will not be changing the Bid Form so please include this information as a note on the Bid Form or within your proposal. If we have a question, we will reach out for clarification.

Bid Q&A – 05/10/2021

Q. Will we have access to the site after the initial Site Visit on 17 May 2021 for Subcontractor Site Visits? If so, what would be the minimum time required for access approval? Would we be required to sign in and sign out at the Main Office? A. Registered perspective bidders may access the site at any time up to May 26.  Please email Drew McMullen at to let us know the date/time of your visit.   SEF staff may […]

Bid Q&A – 05/03/2021

Q. Who will be paying the Surveying by Michael A. Scott Surveying. A. Sultana will cover all costs related to necessary surveying for the road and trails.   Q. Are the materials, ie. Stancills Aggregate and Stone Dust by Gillespie & Son being donated? Drawing L2.0 notes “provided by”. A. For the purposes of your proposal assume no materials are being donated.