Bid Q&A – 06/13/2022

Q22) Are Weather Shield Doors and Windows an acceptable substitute for Kolbe ? Link attached:

Answer: Weather Shield windows and doors are not an accessible substitute.

Q23) In general, our site contractors are responsible for utilities to 5 feet from the building. Our plumbing contractors are responsible 5 feet out from the building. On this project sitework has been excluded. Is the GC responsible hooking up water and sanitary lines to the existing utility lines? If so, how far are these lines from the proposed building? Is Sheet A0.03 Detail 1 accurate in depicting existing locations?

Answer: The G.C. is responsible for connecting the building (hooking up) to the existing Utility terminations. The approximate distance from the Building Utility Room to where the existing utilities are terminated is 35’. Refer revised drawings shown in the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 5 – Bid Responses”.

Q24) Can a Kohler ADA toilet bowl be substituted for a Sloan toilet bowl?

Answer: Kohler is an approved substitute, provided the specifications of the auto sensing flushometer used are similar to specified.