Bid Q&A – 06/13/2022

Q29). As requested at the site meeting can you please provide the model number of the concealed splice connectors?

Answer: As per the answer in Question 8, the concealed splice connections will be coordinated and issued for review during the manufacture shop drawing process. The exact specification of the connector will likely vary depending on the beam manufacturer. We recommend all bidders include (and show) an allowance of $150/connector in their bids.

Q30). Noted in the bidder site meeting the GC is not responsible for any pre or post construction site work. Will SEF dig around the piles and provide the 4 inches of gravel over filter fabric?

Answer: Sultana Education Foundation will install the 4” of gravel and filter fabric, and install the 3×6 perimeter retaining ties.

Q31) Will a Clopay Model 904 Architectural Collection overhead door be an acceptable substitution to the Hass door shown on the bid documents?

Answer: The Clopay Model 904U series (insulated with 1/2” clear insulated glass) are an approved substitution.