Holt Education Center

SEF’s Holt Education Center is a state-of-the-art, 11,000-square-foot educational space that hosts programs for school and adult groups focusing on biology, environmental science, geography, and human history. Programs are tailored to fit specific school and grade-level goals, but can include organism dissection, animal physiology, geography, hydrology, estuarine science, climate change, and Native American history. Programs at the Holt Center can easily be combined with other SEF programs to create a full-day experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Programs at the Holt Education Center can accommodate any age, from kindergarten students to adult groups.

The Holt Center has a maximum capacity of 60 students, though smaller groups are more common.

Programs at the Center generally last from 1.5 – 3 hours.

Stand-alone programs at the Holt Education Center generally focus on the organisms that live in the Chesapeake Bay, Native Americans of the Chesapeake region, early colonial settlement and the 1608 voyages of Captain John Smith, the history of the schooner Sultana and the Bay in the 18th century, or a combination of these topics. Teachers can also visit the Center for science-based programs featuring dissections in the Wet Lab. Typical organisms dissected with students include oysters, clams, crayfish, and squid.

Yes, the Holt Education Center is 100% ADA compliant.

Programming in the Holt Education Center occurs year-round, though for much of the summer months (June– August) the Center is used as a base of operations for summer camps. Peak months for school and adult groups to visit are September through mid-June.

There are lots of very cool things to see and do at the Holt Education Center. These include a 30’ x 30’ floor map of the Chesapeake Bay, aquariums full of fish, crabs, turtles, and oysters, a large model of the schooner Sultana, and an interactive exhibit featuring the history of Native Americans of the Chesapeake region. Additional 17th and 18th century historic artifacts can be displayed upon request.

Generally, programs at the Holt Education Center cost between $5 to $15 per student. Costs vary depending on the number of students attending the session, duration of the program, and the cost of materials needed to run the activities.

Since this is an indoor facility, all programs go on as scheduled – rain or shine!

Yes! Activities at the Holt Education Center are often combined with under-sail programs aboard the schooner Sultana, canoe trips on Radcliffe Creek, or visits to the Lawrence Wetland Preserve. Call the Sultana Education Foundation’s main office to inquire about these full-day, hybrid indoor/outdoor programs.

Staff members at the Sultana Education Foundation generally have many years working with students in the field of environmental education, and several have classroom teaching experience as well.

All of Sultana’s staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid. The Holt Education Center is regularly inspected by the local health department and fire marshal, and is equipped with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and security cameras.