Bid Q&A – 06/10/2022

Q19) Regarding drawing A 1.22 section 1 crawl space return, can you please clarify the purpose of the crawl space return duct terminating in storage closet 2 and what equipment it is used for?

Answer: The purpose of the insulated duct return under the building, is to provide a cold air return from the far (left) side of the building to the main hvac unit above the Utility Room. A spec. for the duct has been provided on revised drawing -1/A1.22 in the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 5 – Bid Responses”. NOTE: The return duct is only required in the Base Bid HVAC strategy – It is not required for Alternate #6: Mini-split HVAC strategy. Refer Mechanical General Notes on Sheets A1.21 and A1.22.

Q20) Section A 4.07 , Can you please provide what the expectations are for pigmented whitewashed finish on OSB panel wall?

Answer: Interior OSB panels will be a standard stain application, wipe on, wipe off and seal using a clear satin polyurethane finish. Stain to be sold color premium water based Minwax. Color sample boards will be provide to GC during construction for color matching.