SULTANA Three-Day Trip

Ages 9-12 / Days vary by trip / Residential
Jul 1-3, July 8-10

Drop off 11:00am on first day at Chestertown Marina

Pick up 3:00pm on final day at Chestertown Marina

Tuition: $475

Three-day trips aboard the schooner SULTANA are a great introduction to overnight programs while sailing the Chesapeake and living on a traditionally rigged ship.  By day, participants learn the basics of tall ship sailing while navigating the protected waters of the Chester River.  Sailors also take a small tender (towed behind Sultana) to go ashore to swim, fish, beachcomb, and explore wetland habitats.  In the evenings, children camp ashore in tents on a private farm on Langford Creek where there is plenty of open space to play games in an open field, take nature hikes, and fish with a hook and line from the dock.  All three-day SULTANA trips start and end at the foot of Cannon Street in historic Chestertown, Maryland.