Bid Q&A – 06/01/2022

Q1.) It appears in S 3.01 that the G1 girder is placed under the floor joist. S 3.01 is showing a floor joist span of roughly 26′. I am unaware of treated lumber coming in that size. Is it possible to move the G1 up and use 16′ Treated material? Or would you prefer doubling up glulam at this location. 

Lap joists and provide bridging as per 2/S2.01.

Q2.) What color Dinoflex floorings is required? After reaching out the manufacture they cant price the material without a specified color. 

Meadow Grass COR2H

Q3.) I am confirming that you want use 2×6 Kebony deck boards oppose to 5/4×6 deck board with a hidden fastener system. To my knowledge, you can only get “Blindside” fasteners for the 5/4 decking. For the 2×6 we can use plugs supplied by Kebony to hide the fasteners. 

Please use Kebony 5/4 x 6 with hidden fasters. 

Do you want the alternate price to be Treated 2×6 decking or 5/4×6 decking ? If 2×6, are there any architectural specifications: bevels etc.? Also I am unaware of any “blindside” fasteners for treated 2×6 material . Could I get more detail on this? I can price the alternate as beveled 5/4×6 traditional deck board with hidden fasteners.

Please use beveled 5/4×6 deck boards with hidden fasteners.

Q4.) I reached out to Mackinaw for the price on the Pressed Concrete counter tops and sink. They do not know what type of material is desired to provide accurate pricing. 

We have informed Mackinaw Creations to price the counter as follows: Concrete with leaf imprints filled with Epoxy. We have decided to NOT have a concrete sink. Please price furnishing and installing an Elkay undermount PLAUH281612 sink.