Schooner Sultana FAQ

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What age students can sail on the schooner SULTANA?
SULTANA can accommodate students from third grade and older.

How many students/teachers can participate in a program?
Up to 32 teachers/students can sail on SULTANA at one time. If a SULTANA program is combined with one of the Sultana Education Foundation’s land-based programs, up to 64 students/teachers can be accommodated for day-long programs.

How long do educational sails last?
A typical educational sail on SULTANA lasts from 2-3 hours. Many schools complement this experience with one of the Sultana Education Foundation’s land-based programs to create a day-long experience.

What is the cost of a program?
The standard tuition for a three-hour educational program on SULTANA is $750, however all Public Schools are eligible for significant discounts from this price. The Sultana Education Foundation is committed to seeing that all of its programs are affordable for any public school. Please call us to discuss specific prices for your school.

Where can we go sailing on SULTANA?
SULTANA travels a regular annual route that sees it sail from its home port of Chestertown, Maryland, as well as Annapolis, Baltimore, St. Michaels, Cambridge and Solomons. Please call for details on SULTANA’s schedule and to determine where you can schedule a trip.

When do you offer programs?
SULTANA educational sails for school groups are offered from early April through the end of the school year, and mid-September through the beginning of November.

How far in advance should I reserve a program?
Educational sails on the schooner SULTANA are extremely popular. We recommend that you contact the Sultana Education Foundation up to a year in advance of the date you would like to sail.

What do students learn onboard?
SULTANA educational sails can be tailored to the specific needs of each participating group.  The program offers a variety of components based in Chesapeake Bay Ecology and Colonial History that complement Maryland State Department of Education Voluntary Curriculum Guidelines.

Do you actually sail?
Yes! Unless it is too windy every trip raises sail and at least attempts to sail. SULTANA also as an auxiliary engine.

Can a SULTANA program be combined with another Sultana Education Foundation Program?
Yes. SULTANA Educational Sails based in Chestertown can be combined with programs based at the Foundation’s Holt Education Center or Lawrence Wetland Preserve. The Foundation also provides joint programs with the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in Annapolis and Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons. Combining and under-sail experience with a land-based program is a great way to create full-day experience that accommodates up to 64 students/teachers.

Do students have to wear lifejackets?
All students 12 and under are required to wear lifejackets on board SULTANA.

Do students ever get seasick?
SULTANA generally sails on protected waters. It’s extremely rare that anyone feels seasick.