The Revolutionary Era

The following curriculum aids were submitted by Roots of a Nation’s participating teachers and TAH program leaders to provide classroom educators with additional resources to make this subject matter come to life for their students.

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The Chesapeake Bay’s deep, navigable rivers and protected harbors made it a natural hub for commerce in the 18th century, and at the end of the Revolutionary War the estuary provided the backdrop for General Cornwallis’ surrender of British forces to George Washington’s Continental Army.  Roots of a Nation courses emphasizing this pivotal period in American history include:

  • Colonial Crossroads – Sultana Education Foundation – This one-day program brings teachers out on the 1768 topsail schooner Sultana to navigate the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tidal tributaries.  During this hands-on program, participants learn about the daily lives of 18th century sailors by raising sails, navigating with period instruments, exploring the crew quarters, and examining colonial maps to learn about colonial trade networks.
  • Chestertown Tea Party: Fact or Fiction? – Sultana Education Foundation – This two-day workshop features an in-depth examination of the primary resources documenting the alleged “Chestertown Tea Party”, an act of defiance by Chestertown merchants protesting the closing of the Port of Boston by Parliament in 1774.  Using this incident as a local lens to examine broader historical themes, participants also read first-hand accounts of the Boston Tea Party and discuss merchants’ reactions to the Tea Taxes and other British duties imposed upon the colonists after the Seven Years’ War.
  • British Taxation Policies in the Years Preceding the American Revolution – Sultana Education Foundation – This week-long seminar features two days of classroom work and three days sailing the Chesapeake Bay aboard the 1768 schooner Sultana.  During the voyage, participants work side-by-side with Sultana’s crewmembers to learn about the daily challenges faced by Royal Navy sailors charged with enforcing the hated “Tea Taxes” in colonial waters in the years preceding the American Revolution.