Schooner SULTANA Programs

Grade Level 3-12 (particularly effective for grades 4-8)
Capacity 32 per trip (students + teachers + parents)*
Program Length 2-5 hours
Program Locations Chestertown, Annapolis, St. Michaels, Cambridge, Solomons, Baltimore

*NOTE:  When combined with land-based programs in Chestertown, SULTANA can accommodate two groups in a single day (up to 64 total participants)

Educational sails on the schooner SULTANA give teachers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse their students in the history and environment of the Chesapeake Bay while sailing aboard an authentic 18th century reproduction vessel.  Working with Sultana’s award-winning staff of educators, these hands-on programs accommodate up to 32 participants (students + chaperones) in a teaching environment that features a 6:1 student/educator ratio.  Day programs are generally three hours in length.  SULTANA typically sails from her home port of Chestertown, Maryland, as well as a variety of ports in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.   SULTANA’S under-sail programs can be tailored to accommodate groups seeking a particular emphasis on either Colonial History or Chesapeake Bay Ecology.  Under-sail programs for Maryland schools are funded in part by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and are designed to meet current MSDE curriculum standards.

Curriculum Highlights

Environmental Science

  • Introduction to Estuarine Ecology
  • Benthic Environments
  • Water Quality (salinity, dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, turbidity)
  • Plankton and the Food Chain
  • Specimen Collection / Basic Anatomy & Adaptations
  • Geography of the Chesapeake Bay and its Watershed


  • British Taxation in Colonial America
  • Life Onboard in the 18th Century
  • 18th Century Medicine
  • Colonial Navigation
  • Shipboard Operations
  • Colonial Trade

A Note About Safety:  The schooner SULTANA is a USCG inspected passenger carrying vessel operated by a USCG licensed captain and a certified professional crew.   SULTANA’s captain is a certified Wilderness First Aid Responder, and all of the schooner’s crew are Red Cross certified in CPR and First Aid.