Land-Based Programs

Quick Facts

Grade Level 3-7
Capacity 32 (students + teachers + parents)
Program Length up to 2.5 hours
Program Locations Chestertown, St. Michaels, Solomons

The Sultana Education Foundation offers a variety of land-based programs that are often combined with our on-the-water trips aboard the schooner SULTANA to create a full-day, interdisciplinary experience for up to 60 students.   Sultana’s land-based programs can cover a variety of curriculum areas ranging from life in Colonial America, wetland and fresh-water ecology, and shipbuilding/maritime history.   Hands-on activities are incorporated throughout these fast-paced programs to ensure that students are actively engaged.  When SULTANA visits the ports of Saint Michaels and Solomons, the Foundation partners with the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and Calvert Marine Museum to design land-based programs at these locations.

Possible Curriculum Highlights


  • Wetland Ecology & Restoration
  • Fresh Water & Watershed Ecology
  • Turtles and Reptiles
  • Shoreline Environments
  • Water Quality


  • Colonial History
  • Children’s Lives in Colonial America
  • Architecture, Commerce, and Agriculture in Colonial America
  • Maritime History & Shipbuilding
  • Colonial Games