Paddling Programs FAQ

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What age range of students can participate in a Sultana Education Foundation Paddling program?
SEF paddling programs can accommodate students as young as 5 years old. Students under 8 years of age are limited to paddling in canoes only.

Do you use canoes or kayaks?
Depending on the needs of the participating group we can use canoes or kayaks.

How many students can a paddling program accommodate?
Kayaking programs can accommodate up to 30 students, while canoe programs can accommodate up to 36 students. Numbers may vary slightly according to grade level. Larger groups can also be accommodated if the paddling experience is combined with an on-land program.

Can paddling programs be combined with other Sultana Education Foundation programs?
Yes. Paddling programs can be combined with programs at Sultana’s Holt Education Center, Lawrence Wetland Preserve or under-sail programs on the schooner SULTANA. Please contact us for details and options.

What does a paddling program cost?
A standard full day paddling program for 30 students starts at $250. Tuition costs vary by location and the complexity of the program. A weekend overnight program with an average of 10 students is generally in the range of $1500.

What do students learn on paddling programs?
Padding programs can be tailored to the need of participating school/group, but generally focus on, 1) basic paddling instruction and safety, 2) estuarine and watershed ecology, 3) historic human impact on the environment/stewardship. These are general curriculum themes are fine-tuned with participating schools/groups prior to the program.

Where do paddling programs take place?
The Sultana Education Foundation offers paddling programs on tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay from the Potomac River north to the Conowingo Dam. Our “home waters” on are on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and include the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, and the Choptank, Miles, Chester and Sassafras rivers.

Do students wear lifejackets?
Yes – all student participants are required to wear Type III vest lifejackets at all times.

Do students need to have paddling experience?
No. Sultana’s paddling programs are designed for novice paddlers.

What safety precautions do you take?
Safety is the Sultana Education Foundation’s number one priority. Our paddling programs are led by American Canoe Association certified Level 2 Kayak and Canoe instructors who are are also certified Red Cross lifeguards and Wilderness Medical Responders.

Can students with disabilities participate?
Sultana makes every effort to accommodate participants with disabilities. Please contact our staff to discuss your specific needs.