Kelsie Fronheiser

Paddling Programs Staff

Kelsie is a graduate of Towson University with a bachelor’s degree in Organismal Biology & Ecology, and holds a Masters in Environmental Science, Management and Conservation Planning from University of California Santa Barbara. When not assisting with SEF’s Paddling Programs, Kelsie works as the Conservation Planner for Kent County’s Soil & Water Conservation District working to identify conservation practices and develop plans for landowners living in the watershed. She is also the Chesapeake Feline Association’s Volunteer Coordinator. Kelsie has years of experience working and volunteering in environmental and wildlife conservation fields for various regional organizations including Marshy Point, the National Aquarium, and NorthBay Adventure, along with international programs in Thailand and South Africa. Kelsie’s passion for paddling, the Chesapeake outdoors and teaching make her a perfit fit for the team.