Event Sponsorship


Support the Sultana Education Foundation’s award winning educational programs by becoming an Event Sponsor! Sponsorships help SEF provide programs on a need-blind basis, while supporting events cherished by the community.

A single sponsorship contribution provides recognition and potential benefits for both of SEF’s major public events, including Fall’s Downrigging Weekend and Spring’s Annual Gala. Sponsorships are generally solicited May through September allowing sponsors to receive benefits for both events. Sponsors making a contribution after Downrigging Weekend are limited to receiving benefits related to the Annual Gala.

Sponsorship opportunities start at $500 and are available to businesses and individuals.

Thank you to our 2022/23 Sponsors

Event Lead Sponsors




Dave & Lena Cantera

Caroline D. Gabel

Chris Havemeyer

Andrew & Leslie Price

Wallace Reynolds & Mary Anne Shea

Steffi Swope

Ice Lady Widdup




Dorothy & Lyle Feisel
Linda & Robert Leigh
Fiona & Morgan Lum
William & Amanda Madar
Wendy O’Brien
Ruth Sorenson
Lesley & Eric Schless



Priscilla C. Cooper
Lee & Geoff Dennis
John T. Diller III
Wendy Sand Eckel & Robert L. Roth
Carla & Frank Gerber
Trish & Brooke Harwood
Patti & Dave Hegland
Linda, Guyon & Julia Knight
Brooke Logan Packard & Harry Packard
Paul & Pam Sautter
Harry & Sandy Sears
Michael Singer & James Smith
Sarah & Peter Sweetser
Laura & Kirk Wade
Paula Wordtt & Richard Owen
Anne Vansant & Carter Stanton
Dickson Young & Brigette Perry


Clarence Carvell
Anne K. Charles
Chester River Racket
Steve Clemons & Andrew Oros
Kat Conley & Jamie Kirkpatrick
Figg’s Ordinary
Frank & Lisa Hatheway
Charles Lerner
Nancy & Bill Low
The Kent School
Mimi’s Closet
Leslie C. Moorhouse
Polly Javorski and Sheri Putnam
Paula Reeder
James H. Simon
Ginny Turley & Bill Yoder

Founding Sponsor