1. Lawrence Preserve Nature Center Bid Portal

This Bid-Portal contains information pertaining to the May 16, 2022 Request for Proposals from the Sultana Education Foundation for the construction of a 1,255 square foot Nature Center at the Foundation’s  Lawrence Wetlands Preserve located at 301 South Mill Street in Chestertown, Maryland.   This is an invitation only RFP.  In order to answer questions, receive email updates about this RFP, and to attend the Bidders Site Meeting you must register your firm below.   Bid Package Documents can be found in Part 3 below and Questions concerning the RFP can be asked in Part 4.



A. Bidding Calendar


Issue Date of RFP (beginning of bidding phase) Monday, May 16, 2022
Begin Question Period 5:00pm, Friday, June 3, 2022
RSVP for Bidders Site Meeting 5:00pm, Friday, June 3, 2022
Bidders Site Meeting 10:00am, Monday, June 6, 2022
End Question Period 5:00pm, Monday, June 13, 2022
Proposal Submittal Date 5:00pm, Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Anticipated Selection of Contractor Friday, July 1, 2022
Anticipated Completion of Project June 1, 2023

B. Bid Documents and Questions

  • Paper copies of the Construction Drawings can be purchased from the Sultana Education Foundation  for $15.    Please contact Drew McMullen at 410-778-5954 or dmcmullen@sultanaeducation.org
  • Technical questions concerning the RFP or Bid Documents will only be answered using the Questions and Answers page of this website. All registered firms will be able to view all questions and answers on the Questions and Answers Page.
  • A Bidders Site Meeting will be held at the property at 10:00am on Monday, June 6, 2022.   Minutes from this meeting will be posted to this portal by 5:00pm on Tuesday, June 7, 2022.
  • If you have problems registering, accessing the RFP and Bid Documents, or using the online Questions and Answers Page please contact Drew McMullen at 410-778-5954 or dmcmullen@sultanaeducation.org

2. Registration Form

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3. RFP & Bid Documents

Original Bid Documents

Below please find links to PDF copies of the original bid documents for this project. Please note, if any aspects of the RFP or Bid Documents need to be updated during the bid process, revised documents will be posted in the Additional/Revised Bid Documents section below.

Document Title Download
Request for Proposals Click here for PDF
Bid Proposal Form Click here for PDF
Contractor Qualification Statement Click here for PDF
Construction Drawings from John Hutchinson Architecture Click here for PDF
Minutes from Bidders Site Meeting (available June 7, 2022) Click here for PDF

Additional/Revised Bid Documents

If any changes or additions need to be made to the RFP or Bid Documents, or if additional documents need to be disseminated during the bid process, these documents will Be posted here.



Post Date Document Title Download
June 8, 2022 Sketch of Cedar Exterior Doors Click here for PDF
June 13, 2022 2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 5 – Bid Responses Click here for PDF
June 14, 2022 2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 6 – Int Glass Click here for PDF
June 14, 2022 Dinoflex Installation Instructions Click here for PDF

4. Online Questions and Answers Page

No interpretation of the meaning of the Project Documents will be made verbally to any bidder. Questions must be submitted in writing using this page. Submitted questions will be answered by the Sultana Education Foundation and/or its designated agents and answers will be posted to this page as soon as possible, but generally within two business days after the question is posted. Both questions and answers will be visible to all registered bidders. Bidders names/firm will not be included with published questions and answers.

All questions related to this project must be submitted by 5:00pm on June 13, 2022.

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  • Bid Q&A – 06/01/2022

    Q1.) It appears in S 3.01 that the G1 girder is placed under the floor joist. S 3.01 is showing a floor joist span of roughly 26′. I am unaware of treated lumber coming in that size. Is it possible to move the G1 up and use 16′ Treated material? Or would you prefer doubling up glulam at this location. 

    Lap joists and provide bridging as per 2/S2.01.

    Q2.) What color Dinoflex floorings is required? After reaching out the manufacture they cant price the material without a specified color. 

    Meadow Grass COR2H

    Q3.) I am confirming that you want use 2×6 Kebony deck boards oppose to 5/4×6 deck board with a hidden fastener system. To my knowledge, you can only get “Blindside” fasteners for the 5/4 decking. For the 2×6 we can use plugs supplied by Kebony to hide the fasteners. 

    Please use Kebony 5/4 x 6 with hidden fasters. 

    Do you want the alternate price to be Treated 2×6 decking or 5/4×6 decking ? If 2×6, are there any architectural specifications: bevels etc.? Also I am unaware of any “blindside” fasteners for treated 2×6 material . Could I get more detail on this? I can price the alternate as beveled 5/4×6 traditional deck board with hidden fasteners.

    Please use beveled 5/4×6 deck boards with hidden fasteners.

    Q4.) I reached out to Mackinaw for the price on the Pressed Concrete counter tops and sink. They do not know what type of material is desired to provide accurate pricing. 

    We have informed Mackinaw Creations to price the counter as follows: Concrete with leaf imprints filled with Epoxy. We have decided to NOT have a concrete sink. Please price furnishing and installing an Elkay undermount PLAUH281612 sink.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/08/2022

    Q5) Could you please spec the 4’0″x 7’0″ T&G cedar exterior doors ?

    Please refer to the drawing titled “Sketch of Cedar Exterior Doors” in the Additional/Revised Bid Documents table above. One vendor that is capable of producing these doors is: New Holland Supply LLC 201-A Commerce Drive New Holland, PA 17557 / Phone # 717-354-4794. Bidders are welcome to use other vendors or even their own wood shops. New Holland is simply a know source that has done similar doors before.

    Q6) Do we need insulation in the attic craw space? If so, what type and R-Value?

    No. Insulation at the Attic over the Bathroom and Utility room is not required (with the exception of the insulation provided by the SIPS roof panels).

    Q7) Are stainless Steel carriage bolts required? One of our vendors are quoting a 6 month lead time. Would galvanized bolts suitable ?

    Galvanized bolts are acceptable. Please specify bolt material in your bid.

    Q8) What/Where are concealed splice connectors for the roof joists – Where the pressure treated meets the non pressure treated?

    Answer: Yes, the concealed splice connectors are to connect the pressure treated exterior glulam with the interior non pressure treated glulam. Manufacturers standard concealed shear splice connections are to be issued for review during shop drawings.

    Q9) In regard to Alternate 6: Where are we locating the branch selector box for the multi-splits?

    Answer: Locate the branch selector box in the Utilty Room per the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 5 – Bid Responses”.

    Q10). In regard to Alternate 6: Where is the path for refrigerant lines?

    Answer: The refrigerant lines will be routed underground from the condenser unit to the branch selector box in the Utility Room (or the hvac unit above the Utility Room for the ducted system strategy). Refer revised drawing -1/A1.22. Refer also Revised General Note K on Sheet A1.22. Revisions are identified in the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 5 – Bid Responses”.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/08/2022

    Q11) Will the building be required to be winterized?

    Answer: Generally, No. However, a new “T” reducer valve with shut off shall be installed at the existing domestic water termination point. Refer revised site plan shown in the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 5 – Bid Responses”

    Q12) What is the spec on the pipe for sanitary and domestic water lines?

    Answer: Refer revised drawing -1/A1.22 in the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 5 – Bid Responses”.

    Q13) Is PEX acceptable for domestic water lines?

    Answer: Yes, within the insulated envelope. Refer revised drawing -1/A1.22 in the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 5 – Bid Responses”.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/09/2022

    Q14). Please specify floor insulation.

    Answer: Floor insulation is r30 Mineral wool batts.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/09/2022

    Q15). On Section S- 1.02 Roof framing the drawing indicates (2) 8 1/2″ x 11 7/8″ glulam beams. One is approximately 18′ and the other approximately 8′. All of my vendors cannot get Glulam at 8 1/2″ thick. Potential solution : Doubling up 3 1/2″ for a 7 ” beam, Doubling up 5 1/2″ for a 11″ beam, Doubling up 3 1/2″ with 5 1/2″ for a 9″ beam, several LVL’s and casing.

    Answer: Double up 3½” and 5½” glulams and bolt them together with ½” diameter bolts at 16” o.c. staggered.

    Q16). In regards to A 4.04, none of my vendors are able to fabricate this piece of glass. The minimum size for a tempered piece of glass is 4″; anything under that is too fragile for the tempering oven. It is my understanding that the point of the triangle would cause the glass to break. The width of this piece is also too large to do in one piece. If we can do a trapezoid (minimum 4″ on one side) and split it up into more than 1 piece, I can have my suppliers quote it. Proposed solution: We may be able to do the triangle shape out of 3/8″ Polycarbonate. The maximum sheet size is 96″, so we would still need to split up the piece.

    Answer: In lieu of using tempered glass, please use 3/8” polycarbonate resin thermoplastic sheets. The panels will be broken into 3 separate “panes”. Refer the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 6 – Int Glass”

  • Bid Q&A – 06/09/2022

    Q17) Will a window and door schedule be provided or should the elevations be scaled for sizes?

    Answer: The window size are identified on Sheet A1.01.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/10/2022

    Q18) Are Marvin Modern Windows an acceptable substitute for Kolbe windows. Please see website for information and technical specifications – https://www.marvin.com/products/collections/signature/modern

    Answer: Marvin Modern exterior windows and doors (in gunmetal or ebony finish) are an acceptable substitution to Kolbe.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/10/2022

    Q19) Regarding drawing A 1.22 section 1 crawl space return, can you please clarify the purpose of the crawl space return duct terminating in storage closet 2 and what equipment it is used for?

    Answer: The purpose of the insulated duct return under the building, is to provide a cold air return from the far (left) side of the building to the main hvac unit above the Utility Room. A spec. for the duct has been provided on revised drawing -1/A1.22 in the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 5 – Bid Responses”. NOTE: The return duct is only required in the Base Bid HVAC strategy – It is not required for Alternate #6: Mini-split HVAC strategy. Refer Mechanical General Notes on Sheets A1.21 and A1.22.

    Q20) Section A 4.07 , Can you please provide what the expectations are for pigmented whitewashed finish on OSB panel wall?

    Answer: Interior OSB panels will be a standard stain application, wipe on, wipe off and seal using a clear satin polyurethane finish. Stain to be sold color premium water based Minwax. Color sample boards will be provide to GC during construction for color matching.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/10/2022

    Q21) According to Murus the SIP panel manufacture that is spec’d per drawing set they do not offer a T&G fir board finish sheathing. They offer a Eastern White Pine but he advised that it would be better to put down T&G boards first to improve the overall finish and installation speed. What type and size of T&G material should be used here?

    Answer: The T&G boarding shall be installed over the rafters. The spec. for the boarding is 1×6 v-groove T&G Knotty appearance grade Douglas Fir. The boarding shall be covered with 15# roofing felt prior to installation of the SIPS panels. The SIPS panels are installed directly over the felt and boarding, with fasteners penetrating through the boarding and into the rafters. Where the SIPS panels cantilever beyond the rafters, the boarding shall also be fastened to the underside of the SIPS panels using 2” 15 gauge finish nails.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/13/2022

    Q22) Are Weather Shield Doors and Windows an acceptable substitute for Kolbe ? Link attached: https://weathershield.com/products/direct-set-contemporary-collection/

    Answer: Weather Shield windows and doors are not an accessible substitute.

    Q23) In general, our site contractors are responsible for utilities to 5 feet from the building. Our plumbing contractors are responsible 5 feet out from the building. On this project sitework has been excluded. Is the GC responsible hooking up water and sanitary lines to the existing utility lines? If so, how far are these lines from the proposed building? Is Sheet A0.03 Detail 1 accurate in depicting existing locations?

    Answer: The G.C. is responsible for connecting the building (hooking up) to the existing Utility terminations. The approximate distance from the Building Utility Room to where the existing utilities are terminated is 35’. Refer revised drawings shown in the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “2022-0613-Sultana Lawrence Preserve Revision 5 – Bid Responses”.

    Q24) Can a Kohler ADA toilet bowl be substituted for a Sloan toilet bowl?

    Answer: Kohler is an approved substitute, provided the specifications of the auto sensing flushometer used are similar to specified.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/13/2022

    Q25) Please clarify the 6 mil membrane associated with the Dinoflex flooring. There is no mention of the membrane on the Dinoflex website or in the installation instructions.

    Answer: Dinoflex has recently updated their installation instructions. 6mill membrane/underlayment no longer required. Refer the new pdf file posted to the bid portal, named “Dinoflex Installation Instructions”.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/13/2022

    Q26) Would Clopay Garage Doors be an acceptable replacement to the Haas overhead doors?

    Answer: Clopay Overhead Doors are not an approved substitute.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/13/2022

    Q27) Has a color of the Dinoflex flooring been selected? We are anticipating cost differences between colors.

    Please see answer to Question #2 – Meadow Grass COR2H

    Q28) Is 1.75″ Snaplock 16″ 24GA roofing an adequate substitute the 2″ field lock spec’d?

    Answer: Snaplock is not an approved substitute.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/13/2022

    Q29). As requested at the site meeting can you please provide the model number of the concealed splice connectors?

    Answer: As per the answer in Question 8, the concealed splice connections will be coordinated and issued for review during the manufacture shop drawing process. The exact specification of the connector will likely vary depending on the beam manufacturer. We recommend all bidders include (and show) an allowance of $150/connector in their bids.

    Q30). Noted in the bidder site meeting the GC is not responsible for any pre or post construction site work. Will SEF dig around the piles and provide the 4 inches of gravel over filter fabric?

    Answer: Sultana Education Foundation will install the 4” of gravel and filter fabric, and install the 3×6 perimeter retaining ties.

    Q31) Will a Clopay Model 904 Architectural Collection overhead door be an acceptable substitution to the Hass door shown on the bid documents?

    Answer: The Clopay Model 904U series (insulated with 1/2” clear insulated glass) are an approved substitution.

  • Bid Q&A – 06/13/2022

    Q32) Downspouts will terminate with a 90 elbow discharging to grade. Are splash blocks to be included?

    Answer: The downspouts will be connected to drainage laterals below grade. The laterals will be installed by Sultana Education Foundation. GC to provide connection of downspouts to laterals.

    Q33) Confirming that all landscaping and seeding/sod work is excluded from the scope of work?

    Answer: All landscaping and seeding/sod work is excluded from the scope of work.

    Q34) Drawing A1.31 – Room 108 shows Base to be #2 – Wood-grain ceramic tile. Is this correct?

    Answer: Room 108 shall have Base #1: 1×6 White Oak with clear matte finish.

    Q35) Drawing A1.31 – Rooms 102 & 103 show the Base to be #1 – 1×6 White Oak. The walls have ceramic tile wainscot, is the base correct or should it be ceramic tile?

    Answer: The base for rooms 102 and 103 is correct at #1: 1×6 White Oak with clear matte finish.

    Q36) The site is presently at rough finished grade, which means that approximately 16″ of material needs to be excavated to achieve the bottom grade for the 4″ gravel fill. Does this material need to be hauled off or can it be disposed of on site?

    Answer: Excavation of area below building will be performed by Sultana Education Foundation prior to Construction.