Areas of Focus

K-12 Education

The Sultana Education Foundation’s principal focus is providing field-based enrichment programs in History and Environmental Science to K-12 students in Maryland and throughout the Chesapeake Watershed.   The Foundation works closely with partner schools and the Maryland State Department of Education to design and implement programs that stimulate classroom learning.

Teacher Training

The Sultana Education Foundation is one of the largest providers of professional development programs for teachers in the Chesapeake region.   Sultana’s professional development programs improve teacher content knowledge, model innovative pedagogical practices, and demonstrate strategies for incorporating experiential education into classroom lesson plans.

Summer Enrichment

Sultana helps students bridge the academic gap between school years by offering summer enrichment programs targeted at the same populations it serves during the spring and fall.   These programs reinforce academic concepts related to History and Environmental Science and provide once-in-a-lifetime outdoor learning experiences.

Programs for the Public

Recognizing that education is a life-long endeavor, the Sultana Education Foundation provides programs for the general public, including educational sails on the schooner SULTANA, public kayak paddles, adult travel programs, and presentations by guest scholars.