Ages 11-14 / 11:00 am Monday-3:00pm Sunday / $750
June 20-24 / Chestertown to St. Michaels
June 27-July 1 / St. Michaels to Chestertown
July 18-22 / Chestertown to St. Michaels
July 25-29 / St. Michaels to Chestertown

This unforgettable adventure is a classic!  Participants are immersed in sailing, navigation, ecology, and favorite summer activities like swimming, fishing, and relaxing on the Chesapeake Bay.  By day, campers learn and play onboard a traditional schooner, or go ashore to beachcomb, sample marine life with seine nets, fish with a hook and line, and explore tidal marshes.  In the evenings, campers sleep under the stars or below deck.  Over the course of five days, the expedition travels to various historic ports on our nation’s largest estuary including Chestertown, Saint Michaels, and Annapolis.

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