Maintenance Crew

SULTANA Maintenance Crew assist with four key maintenance activities on the schooner SULTANA throughout the year.   These activities include:

1) Uprigging: Assist with assembling the schooner’s sailing rig in March
2) Haul Out: Scraping, sanding, and painting the schooner in August
3) Downrigging: Removing the schooner sailing rig in November
4) Winter Maintenance:  Ongoing rig and hull maintenance

SULTANA Maintenance Crew volunteers can pick and choose among the activities listed above, but all Maintenance Crew volunteers are expected to participate in winter maintenance (item #4). Volunteers work under the guidance of the schooner’s professional crew and can expect to learn the basics of 18th century rigging and marlinspike seamanship. As each volunteer’s skills progress, they will have an opportunity to get involved with more advanced work and to instruct new volunteers. While previous experience is not a requirement, we do welcome volunteers who have woodworking and nautical skills.

Quick Facts

Program Manager: Captain Michael Fiorentino
Total Program Volunteers: 12-15
Volunteer Program Season: Year Round / November – March
Required Minimum Annual Volunteer Days: 8

2017 Mandatory Training Dates

Volunteers must participate in the training session for each activity in which they are involved.

Uprigging– Wednesday, March 8 / 9:00am – Noon
Haul Out– Wednesday, August 2 / 9:00am
Downrigging– Monday October 30th / 9:00am – Noon
Winter Maintenance – November Date TBD

Additional Information

Initial/Annual Training: Individuals interested in serving as SULTANA Maintenance Crew can begin the program by participating in any of the trainings outlined above, however, all Maintenance Crew volunteers must participate in Winter Maintenance Training each November.

Minimum Time Requirement: Over the course of a year, each volunteer is expected to volunteer for at least eight separate days.

Initial Fees: There are no initial fees for this program. Volunteers may elect to purchase a volunteer t-shirt or jacket.

Application to the Program: If you are interested in serving as SULTANA Maintenance Crew, you are encouraged to fill out a Volunteer Application.   Once your application is received, your name will be added to a list of future prospective volunteers. Interviews for new volunteers are conducted as time permits.