Volunteering With Sultana

The Sultana Education Foundation has always relied on the support of volunteers to accomplish its mission.   Volunteering with Sultana is a great way to get involved with the community, meet new people, apply your knowledge, gain skills, and even travel to various parts of the Chesapeake Bay.

Currently, the Foundation offers six different volunteer programs including:

Becoming a volunteer begins with three easy steps . . .

  1. Explore Sultana’s Volunteer Programs: Use the links above or at left to view our volunteer programs.   You may also attend one of our Volunteer Open Houses or contact our Volunteer Coordinator Liza Brocker at 410-778-5954 or lbrocker@sultanaeducation.org.
  1. Select a Program and Complete the Volunteer Application: Once you have decided which program interests you, simply fill out and submit a Volunteer Application.
  1. Participate in a Personal Interview: Once we receive your application we will set up a personal interview with the Program Manager of the Volunteer Program(s) you have selected.   Depending on the program(s) you select, this may take several months.

After you have been accepted into a specific Volunteer Program, but before you start volunteering, you will be required to . . .

  1. Complete a simple Medical Form and sign a basic Hold Harmless Agreement.
  2. Pay required volunteer fees (if applicable)

Once the above is complete you will receive a password to access our Volunteer Portal where you can sign up for Mandatory Training and volunteer slots.

Important: Mandatory Training for each volunteer program is only offered occasionally, and there are a limited number of volunteers allowed in each program at any time. As a result, you may have to wait to enter some programs.