Primary Documents and Images

Boston Tea Party Accounts

Boston Tea Party in MD Gazette, Jan 6, 1774

Brigantine Geddes

Brigantine Geddes Ad in Annapolis, May 19, 1774

Burning of Peggy Stewart

Burning of the Peggy Stewart, October 20, 1774 Maryland Gazette

Chestertown Aids Boston

Letter from Boston re Aid from Chestertown, July 28, 1774 VA Gazette

Chestertown and Annapolis Resolves

Chestertown and Annapolis Resolves, June 2, 1774 Maryland Gazette

Elizabethtown Tea Party

Elizabeth-Town Tea Party

Non Importation Agreements

Non Imporation Agreement in Annapolis

Non-Importation Agreements, September 29, 1774 MD Gazette

Political Cartoons and Engravings

Townsend Acts

Townsend Acts, August 27, 1767 Maryland Gazette