“Building Sultana”

Celebrate Sultana’s 20th Anniversary with the Limited Edition of Marc Castelli’s book “Building Sultana.”

  • Just published in November 2017
  • Special Edition Limited to 300 Signed and Numbered Copies
  • Book price is $150, With a Portion Tax-Deductible

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The Story of Castelli’s “Building Sultana”

Boats. Many people love everything that word embraces. Artist Marc Castelli is one.  In 1998 Marc’s passion for things nautical led him to a back lot in Chestertown, Maryland, where a team of shipwrights and volunteers was preparing to build a full-scale replica of the 1768 schooner Sultana.

The new Sultana became Castelli’s obsession. For the next three years, he spent up to five hours a day at the shipyard, making meticulously detailed pen-and-ink drawings of the work, tools, and people involved in the schooner’s resurrection.

Following Sultana’s launch in 2001, Marc was approached by Quantuck Lane Press to publish a book of his drawings so that his record of Sultana’s construction would be preserved.  Over the next several years Marc culled through more than 2,000 drawings, settling on 200 pieces that were combined with written remembrances of the project’s shipwrights and volunteers to create the book Building Sultana.  Then tragedy struck.

A printing error during the book’s publication in 2006 forced the destruction of all but two of the 5,000 printed copies.  Lacking capital for a second printing, the book was effectively lost to history . . . until now.

Recognizing the unique record of Sultana’s’s construction that Marc Castelli created, and intent on seeing this work preserved as part of the historical record, the Sultana Education Foundation has published a limited edition of Building Sultana to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Foundation.

In partnership with Castelli, the Foundation printed a total of 300 Limited Edition copies of Building Sultana as well as twenty unique Founder’s Edition books.    Any funds raised in excess of publication costs will go directly to support under-sail educational programs on the schooner Sultana.

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In the fall of 2017, a limited edition of 300 signed and numbered copies of Building Sultana, were published to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sultana Education Foundation.



Tax Deduction:  Book purchases are tax deductible less the $67 production cost per book.  Individual tax letters will be provided to all purchasers.

Book Numbering:  Limited Edition books will be distributed and numbered in the order in which they are purchased.