Classroom Programs

Quick Facts

Grade Level 3-12
Classroom Capacity 30
Assembly Capacity 100
Program Length 50 minutes per session, up to 3 sessions per day
Program Locations Schools in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

The Sultana Education Foundation provides a variety of classroom-based outreach programs led by the Foundation’s educational staff.  Programs can be designed as a stand-alone experience, or as preparation for a subsequent paddling program or trip aboard the schooner SULTANA.   With a program length of approximately 50 minutes, up to three sessions can be scheduled in a single day.  Formats range from presentations for a single class of 30 students to assemblies that serve up to 100 participants.  All classroom programs emphasize the incorporation of artifacts and hands-on activities.

Current Classroom Programs Include:

  • Tea & Taxes

A hands-on maritime history program that brings 18th century Colonial seafaring to life into the classroom.  During this presentation, students handle 18th century objects such as surgical tools, hard tack, tea bricks, and navigational instruments while learning about the rewards and challenges faced by crew members enforcing the hated “Tea Taxes” aboard SULTANA from 1768 – 1772.

  • Echoes of 1608

A hands-on, history-based program that introduces students to the world of the 17th century Chesapeake Bay as seen through the eyes of English explorer John Smith and the Native American tribes he encountered.

  • Chesapeake Bay Culture and Ecology

Students learn about oysters, crabs, and the various tools that watermen use to harvest these valuable organisms from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  Participants also have the opportunity to view and handle several species of turtles that live in the Bay and its tidal tributaries.