Support Downrigging


Dear Friend of Sultana Education Foundation,

Sultana Downrigging is a critical weekend for Sultana Education Foundation and Chestertown. More than 60% of Sultana’s new members come from the ranks of Downrigging visitors, and for Chestertown, Downrigging has become the single most important weekend for many of the area’s small businesses.

Why do we need your support for Sultana Downrigging? While Downrigging ticket sales produce significant income,all of this income is passed on to the visiting ships. Sultana must independently cover the costs of advertising, infrastructure, insurance, fireworks, music, etc. While there are other options for us to generate income for Downrigging, all of these would involve raising ticket prices, eliminating free events, and adding commercial vendors that would take away from the character of the festival.

We hope you will consider supporting Sultana Downrigging Weekend.  Your contribution at any level will help us keep Sultana Downrigging Weekend an event that we can all be proud of.


Drew McMullen
President, Sultana Education Foundation