Classic Cars & Boats at Downrigging Weekend

Saturday, October 29, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday, October 30, 10:00am – 4:00pm

In partnership with the Antique & Classic Boat Society



The Sultana Education Foundation is proud to partner with the Antique and Classic Boat Society of the Chesapeake Bay to present our second annual Classic Cars & Boats at Downrigging Weekend.   On Saturday and Sunday the Chestertown waterfront will be brimming with cars and speedboats from America’s golden age.    Expect to see up to 20 award-winning/rarely exhibited cars and boats representing designs from the 1920s through 1960s.  There is limited space available for owners of classic cars who wish to show their car as part of this exhibit.

Take a look at the listings below to see some of the cars/boats that will be on display.   Exhibit space for boats is available by invitation only from the Antique and Classic Boat Society of the Chesapeake.   If you have a vintage car/speedboat dating from the 1960’s or earlier and would like to exhibit it as part of Classic Cars and Boats at Downrigging Weekend, please contact Liza Brocker at or calling 410-778-5954.

Entries for Keels & Wheels Registration

1914 Model "T" Ford

A 1914 Model "T" Ford. It has been restored to original era condition. The early versions of the Ford Model T were way ahead of their time, though many of the features will probably seem archaic to today's standards. It still requires manual cranking to start. An electric starter was offered as optional equipment commencing in 1919, but it added $75 -- about 15 percent -- to the price of the car.

MGTF 1955


1959 MGA Twin Cam Roadster

In July of 1959, MG introduced the MGA Twin Cam, so named for the special motor fitted to the car. The engine displaced 1588 cc and produced 107 bhp. The increase in power was accompanied by upgrades to the brakes, wheels and suspension. This early ‘59 was the 317th car produced and has won numerous awards on the national MG and British car show circuits.

1947 Packard Seven Passenger Sedan.

The Seven Passenger Sedan. has the same wheelbase
as a limousine, two jumpseats in the rear, rear seat foot rest, but does not have an
interior window between the front and rear seats

22’ 1920’s Re-creation
Nelson – Zimmer design

This boat was built by the owner in 2012.

1947 Chris-Craft, 16’ Rocket



The Morgan Drophead Coupe was first built in 1938 and production ended in 1968. The +4 Drophead Coupe is the most luxurious of the Morgans with more interior wood trim and glass windows for the doors a larger engine, but still retaining the traditional Morgan lines. There were only 433 +4 Drophead Coupe made. This car has the original rare cream color Bluemels steering wheel and even rarer flip out trafficator turn signals.

Some more boats and cars you can expect to see:

1931   Dee-Wite 19′
1932   Gar Wood’18
1933   Chris Craft 302 Deluxe 18′
1946   Chris Craft U22 Sportsman
1948   Chris Craft Deluxe 17′
1952   Chris Craft Rivera 20′
1958   Lyman Outboard 15′
1961   Whirlwind 16′

1914   Model T
1927   Ford TT
1955   MGTF
1964  MGB Tourer
1965   Ford Mustang
1967   Chevy Corvette
1966   Pontiac LeMans